Recommended Harmonica Resources

I took Ben Hewlett’s harmonica course recently and I really enjoyed it and found it very valuable! I’ll share some more about it with you

Ben Hewlett knows his stuff. It’s clear as you’re going through the course that you’re working with someone who has years of experience with the harmonica. This course comes highly recommended from me. As I’ve gone through several courses now for the instruments I’ve learned, this is one of the best.

Ben Hewlett - Ultimate Harmonica Course

Start Learning What You Can Do With the Harmonica

Bet you didn’t know half of these things were possible!

Focus On The Skills Most Important To You

Interested in blues chords playing? Making Train Rhythm? Melodic lines? Note Bending? Ben has it broken up in such a way to make it easy to pick and choose.

No Need To Purchase Multiple Courses

This is the end-all be-all introductory course because you get several courses in one purchase.

What’s In The Course

Ben has one of the most comprehensive courses that are available about the harmonica for an extremely affordable price. The course goes over the simple techniques on how to hold the instrument and make basic sounds to much, much more advanced techniques such as note bending.

I really appreciated how Ben breaks the course up so you can focus on blues playing or making train sounds, or focusing on particular technique, so if you wanted to come back to the course after playing for a while you can go right back to any areas that you want to practice without having to search through all the video.

Ben has tons of examples and practice resources which are amazing–you can play along with him as he plays and he makes it really easy to do so.

For example, one mini-course is how to play a particular blues song. Ben goes through the entire process of learning the song and even how to play the song like the original performer.

As mentioned, Ben teaches a lot of different beginner to advanced techniques, such as the following:

  • Note bending
  • Vibrato
  • Using your hands for a flanger effect
  • Tongue blocking
  • Pucker playing

And dozens more.

I don’t exaggerate, this course is worth the money and is one I’ll be coming back to time and again.

Ben Hewlett - Ultimate Harmonica Course