Recommended Jaw Harp Courses

I recently had the opportunity to go through both of Jonny Cope’s jaw harp courses. I had a jaw harp for years but never learned to play it.

With the help of this course available on Udemy, I was able to learn the essential techniques of the jaw harp in a month’s time. I thought it was a great course and it’s well organized.

Jonny Cope - Beginner Jaw Harp Course

Stop hurting yourself while playing the jaw harp with bad technique

Jonny goes over essential techniques to keep jaw harp playing fun and safe.

Learn Quickly Without Wasting Time

Jonny walks you through all the techniques step by step so you don’t have to waste time searching every YouTube video.

Your search all over the internet from a hundred teachers ends here.

Jonny’s course covers the basics and the advanced techniques so you can rocket forward in your jaw harp playing.

Learn how to play jaw harp even if you aren’t a musician

This course works for experienced musicians and those who have never played any instrument alike.

What’s In The Course

The beginner jaw harp course covers the very basics to playing the jaw harp.

At first I wanted to skip all of the very basics because I thought I knew it all, but I’m glad I didn’t because Jonny brought up some invaluable safety tips and basic techniques that I had gotten wrong from the start.

This course helps build you on a solid and safe foundation for playing the jaw harp.

After that, the course goes through how to make all the possible sounds on the jaw harp, as well as touches on more advanced techniques on how to form different sounds so you can play melodies and rhythms.

Jonny Cope holds back a little bit of the special sauce for his advanced course, which is also available on Udemy here:

Jonny Cope - Advanced Jaw Harp Course

So, to summarize, here’s a very brief summary of what’s in the beginner course:

  • Basics on how to hold the jaw harp
  • Safety techniques to prevent tooth or lip damage
  • How to make basic sounds
  • How to shape sounds to create melodies and advanced rhythms

I enjoyed the course! Hope you enjoy it as well. I’ll put both here for convenience as well. These are all affiliate links to Udemy.

Jonny Cope - Beginner Jaw Harp Course
Jonny Cope - Advanced Jaw Harp Course